1962 T20 Triumph Tiger Cub 200cc.

Launched in 1953, the origins of the Triumph Tiger cub can be found in its smaller cousin the 150cc Triumph Terrier which had been launched a year earlier. Both were designed by Edward Turner and provided a four stroke alternative to the many Villiers engine two stroke machines that made up the vast majority of the small capacity market. It’s styling, contemporary with many of the larger capacity Triumph machines soon earned it the nick name of the “Baby Bonnie”. Shown here it its 1962 guise, the “cubby” would remain in production until 1968.

Although introduced to “catch” the brand loyalty of the young biker starting out on their riding career, the Triumph Cub soon earned a reputation within the sporting world. Though a small number found their way onto the racetracks of the day, it was in the trials arena that he bike made a name for itself. Still a staple of the pre 65 trials scene, a good Triumph Trials Cub can command respect and a price tag to match.

Measuring approx. 160mm x 110mm x 180mm (6.5" x 4.5" x 7"). This model is not built up from a commercially available kit but has been constructed completely from scratch. High polymer castings, cast from patterns drawn and created from originally factory parts, have been lovingly hand finished and carefully constructed into this outstanding model. Accurate down to the smallest detail, check out the carburettor. Model comes complete with mounting boss and wooden plinth.
£395.00 + P&P
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